ersonality. online tests for research.

Welcome. This is a free online test for measuring personality and attachment style. The tests are based on recent scientific works (Wei et al 2007; Rammstedt & John 2007).

The tests are part of a research program to analize attachment style and social network usage. The system compares your public Twitter data to the results of the tests. Your answers will be recorded in an anonymous way and possibly used for research, personal data will be treated in absolute respect of the privacy law.

Responding quickly, without thinking too much, this test takes about 2 minutes. Your participation in this assessment is for strictly educational purposes, it is not clinically administered and so is not suitable for making medical decisions.

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Personality Test (BFI-10)

Thinking about you, evaluate how much you agree with the following statements on the following scale:

1 = disagree
2 = slightly disagree
3 = neutral
4 = slightly agree
5 = agree

I am a reserved person.

I trust other people.

I tend to be lazy.

I am generally relaxed, not stressed.

I have few artistic interests.

I am sociable.

I tend to find fault with others.

I do my job well.

I get nervous easily.

I have an active imagination.

Attachment Test (ECR-S)

Thinking about how you feel in romantic relationships in general, not in a specific one, respond to each sentence by indicating how much you agree or disagree with it. Mark your answer using the following rating scale:

1 = strongly disagree
2 = disagree
3 = slightly disagree
4 = neutral
5 = slightly agree
6 = agree
7 = strongly agree

I feel better if I stay with the person I love in times of need.

I need a lot of reassurance that I am loved by my partner.

I want to be close to the person I love, but I am often detached.

I find that my partner don't want to be close to me as I would like.

I want my partner for many things, including comfort and reassurance.

My desire to be very close sometimes scares people away.

I try to avoid getting too close to my partner.

Usually I do not worry about being abandoned.

I usually discuss my problems with my partner.

I feel frustrated if my partner is not available when I need.

I am nervous when partners get too close to me.

I worry that my partner won't care about me as much as I care about him/her.

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